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Name:Atheist fandom
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Community description:A place for atheists in fandom and talk about atheism in fandom
This community is based off [community profile] asexual_fandom; it serves several purposes:

* a place for people who identify as atheists and who are in fandom to talk about issues that they care about, for example regarding the representation of atheists in fandom.

* a place where any kind of fandwork can be posted, as long as they prominently feature at least one atheist character and deal with their atheism in some way.

What about agnostics?

Agnostics are very welcome here. While I use "atheist" in this text, the same pretty much also goes for agnostic characters and issues, I just found it hard to read with "atheist or agnostic" and the community name would have gotten too long. I know this is not ideal, but neither "secular" nor "humanist" would have been a good substitute. I apologize in advance for that and hope it puts no-one off participating here.

But atheists are already a majority in fandom!

No, they are not. If you ask around, you will probably see that at least "Western media" fandom is full of people who mostly identify as "vaguely Christian". Also, quick, name 10 atheist characters. Not characters that never mention religion, but characters where we know they are atheists.


Thought so. Atheists are very underrepresented in most media.

Who qualifies as an atheist character?

1. A character that is identified as atheist in canon. These are far and far between, as simply not mentioning religion at all does not qualify the character for the purpose of this community. Think Ellie Arroway in Contact or Temperance Brennan in Bones.
2. This does not apply to characters that live in a world without belief in deities at all, unless the fanwork deals with them being confronted with religion or something along those lines.
3. A character that is not identified as atheist in canon, but is in the fic. Whether the character is already an atheist at the beginning of the fic or only in the end doesn't matter-

What does "and deal with their atheism in some way" mean?

The fanwork does not have to focus on the religion, but it should be an issue or mentioned in passing. I'll leave it to your judgment what that means.

Basic Guidelines

While this community is geared towards atheists and agnostics, these people come from various backgrounds. Please respect that and be civil.

The major focus of this community is fandom, so please keep discussion on-topic for that.

All fanworks are welcome so long as they relate to atheism/agnosticism. Please use a standard header when posting and warn for content like non-consensual sex or character death. Please put large images behind a cut.
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