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Does anyone else here sometimes start shouting at the screen when religion comes up on? I started watching babylon 5 a few weeks back and one of the last episodes, "Believers" managed to do that. I am really disliking the main maile character by now, but getting the impression he is supposed to be likable.

Spoilers, I suppose )
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Joss says it!

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What canonically atheist/agnostic characters do you know that live in a world with religion? I am trying to compile a list.

Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

Eleanor Ann Arroway, Contact

TV series:
William Adama, Battlestar Galactica
Temperance Brennan, Bones
Dexter Morgan, Dexter
Britta Perry, Community
Jeff Winger, Community
Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly
River Tam, Firefly
Cristina Yang, Grey's Anatomy
Allison Cameron, House
Gregory House, House
Don Draper, Mad Men
Perry Cox, Scrubs
Keiko O'Brian, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager
Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Voyager
Sarah Connor, The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Aaron Tyler, Wonderfalls
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Heh, [personal profile] sqbr beat me to the first post.

But let's have an introduction post! Who are you, why are you here, that sort of thing. And if you know any fics or meta on-topic for this community, links would be great.

I hope we can make this an active and also productive community.
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Title: The Awful Truth (at AO3)
Creator: [personal profile] sqbr
Universe: Dragon Age: Origins
Type of work: Fanfic, 359 words, gen, G
Summary and/or notes: Urthemiel was twelve when her parents told her she was a god. She didn't believe them.

Part of a series but I think it should mostly make sense out of context. It's worth noting that she actually isn't a god as most people would define it, though she does have the soul of an immortal supernatural being who was once worshipped as one (canon is deliberately ambiguous as to the exact nature of these beings).

And afaict this is the only story I've written with an explicitly atheist character! HMM. *ponders the possibilities*
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Woo atheist fandom! This is the perfect place to post some thinky thought I've been having, yay ^_^

Something I've been thinking about with all this discussion of religion in fandom/fantasy etc is that what I often prefer reading about isn't so much atheism as humanism, even though I'm a flat-out materialist atheist myself I find stories where supernatural/godlike beings exist and it's shown to be better not to worship them a more satisfying antidote to all the "We should put our faith in The Powers Of Good" fantasy than stories where there's simply no supernatural element at all(*). The downside of this sort of fiction coming from a Christian background is that either it's set in a pseudo Christian setting (thus perpetuating the Christian centeredness of religious thinking) or it brings up some underrepresented religious tradition only to tear it down again.

I haven't seen a lot of fanworks set in supernatural settings poking at these sorts of assumptions, but I'd be very curious to read some. Would I be right in thinking they'd be outside the purview of this comm though? Unless the "gods" turn out not to be gods after all (aliens, magical spirits etc) Afaict asking about them is ok, though, since I'm an atheist asking it for atheist reasons :D

I'm still working my way through season 4 of Supernatural, but I'm really hoping someone has written some fanfic which highlights all the good reasons not to put your faith in the God of that show. And of course there's StarGate, though that can be problematic with the way it specifically targets gods from outside the culture of it's writers/watchers (I never got to the later seasons and their pseudo!Christians). Final Fantasy X, Babylon 5, and the His Dark Materials Trilogy are all good examples of humanist sf/fantasy along these lines. Dragon Age: Origins is deliberately ambiguous about the difference between Gods, myths, and powerful spirits/demons (with different groups interpreting the same figures in different ways) which give a lot of scope in fic.

There's also "Gods exist but are constructions of the human mind" cosmologies like the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett and much of Neil Gaiman's work. These can make for really interesting crossovers with pretty much any other supernatural setting.

And now to ponder which of my humanist speculative fiction fanworks are atheist enough to post here :D

(*)Although of course it can be taken too far into didactic evangelism, which I tend to find off putting. "His Dark Materials" crossed that line for me a bit.


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